Filing of GST Return

Startup @ Rs. 2500 + Govt fees

Filing of GST Return

Every dealer registered with Goods and Services Tax (GST) are required to file return periodically along with the details such as Input Tax Credit earned during the period , output tax liability and payment made to GST Department.

The returns are filed monthly or quarterly or annually as per the applicable law of GST. Before filing every return under GST, dealer should scrutinize all the information, so that noting false information is filed with the department.

Input Tax Credit (ITC) and Output Tax

Dealer pays tax while making local purchase of goods, raw materials, capital goods or any other goods purchased for use of directly or indirectly in his business, such tax paid by dealer while making purchase is called Input tax. Dealer can take credit of such tax paid while filing the return.

On the other hand while selling the goods , Registered dealer charge tax on sales which are subject to tax, such tax charged or chargeable on sale is called output tax. Output Tax is the liability of the dealer towards the department.


Once we receive all the documents/Information, we will prepare necessary papers and will send you for confirmation. If there is any GST liability, you have to pay such liability directly to the government department, our executive will guide you in making the payment. Once the payment is made we will file the GST Return.