Refund Policy - Empressa Legal Private Limited

Here at, we are committed to providing a high level of services to our clients. Because we believe in transparency in all our services, we pride in making clear communication to our clients about the costs attached to our services and the processes that are used in order to facilitate the payment of fees. Please find below our refund process for any incomplete services. All users are advised to read this policy before committing to any service or making any payment.

Payments received

All clients will be expected to make payment before any service is offered by Once payment is made to EmpressaLegal, the payment or fees that are paid in advance are not in any way treated as advance income. Any such payments are instead held by in a client account and not used in any way by EmpressaLegal. While in such an account, these fees will at all times remain the property of the client, until such time when has completed working on the client’s order.

Essential to note is that these fees accrue at different rates dependent on the kinds of services required by the client. In other words, different fees will apply for Trademark filing, DIN obtaining, DSC obtaining and incorporation filing among others. In case an order is completed and there are outstanding fees to be paid by the customer, having drained the customer’s account, the customer will be expected to make supplementary payment and an invoice to this effect will be dispatched by

On the other hand, if a service is provided and money is still held in the client’s account, this money will be considered as unearned fees and will be returned to the client. To that effect, an invoice will be raised by and dispatched to the client immediately.


Refunds described below are different and separate from the above mentioned process of return of unearned fees. Refunds are generally as a result of incomplete service and accounting errors among other issues related to service by

As a general rule, no refunds will processes for services that have already been provided by, if the rejection came from the side of the Registrar of Companies. For example, in instances where a name provided by the client is not approved, or the client provided wrong documentation, will not be held accountable and the client will not be eligible for any refund.

The Refund Process has the mandate to process all written requests for refund. Upon receiving an application, will revive the contents of the client’s entire file, including the physical, electronic and billing contents. Upon receipt of any such application, EmpressaLegal will send back a response to the client allowing, rejecting or requesting for more information within a period of five working days. The decision as to the contents of the response remains completely and solely within the discretion of management.

In the event that a customer cancels an order within 48 hours of payment, the company commits to making a refund with no questions asked

However, if a customer takes more than the stated 48 hours to request for a refund, the customer will be subjected to a charge of Rs. 1000, which will be regarded as cancellation charges. In such circumstances, the customer may also be required to meet any charges that are paid by to the government for thing like trademark filing and DSC filing among others.

At EmpressaLegal, we would like to as much as possible avoid circumstances that would require a refund. However, given that we are committed to being transparent in all our services, we encourage all clients to not only read this policy, but also raise any concerns and questions that they may have.