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Public Limited Company Registration

Public Limited Company also called public corporation or widely held company is a type of legal business entity which can be incorporated by seven or more persons. There is no limit for maximum number of members i.e., shareholders in such type of companies. Further these companies can invite capital and deposits from the public. There is no minimum requirement of capital to be invested at the time of incorporation of the company. Any amount of share capital can be invested as per the will of the Promoter/Shareholders. These companies shall have minimum threedirector and seven shareholders.

Registration of Public Limited Company make more prestigious profile, greater access to capital and the ability to be able to advertise and sell your shares to the public. Many entrepreneurs Incorporate a Public Limited Company so that they will be able to sell shares to the public through a Stock Exchange and get investment for the company. Public company can be listed as well as unlisted. Listed public can issue shares through an initial public offering (IPO), can be traded on stock exchanges.

Documents Required

Four passport size photographs of Director and Shareholders (JPEG format)
Self attested copy of Pan Card is mandatory for Indian national and passport is mandatory for foreign national.
Self attested copy of Voters Identity Card/Aadhar Card/Passport/Driving license.
Self attested copy of Bank Statement/Electricity Bill/Mobile Bill/Telephone Bill.
(a) Electricity Bill/Mobile Bill/Telephone Bill/Gas Bill. (b) In case office is on lease then lease deed/Rent Agreement along with the rent receipts and No objection certificate from owner.
(a) At least one of the directors shall be resident in India, i.e, who has stayed in India for a total period of not less than 182 days in the previous financial year.
(b) Directors and shareholders can be same person.

Few easy steps to Incorporate a Public Limited Company

Information Check

We ensure that all the information provided, during the order process meets the requirements for registering a Company. We will contact you before preparation of incorporation documents, if required.

Public Limited Company Registration

Name Check

Next, we conduct a preliminary name check to see whether the business name you have selected is available with Registrar of Companies/Registrar of Trademarks. Final approval of your business name shall be granted by the Registrar of Companies.

Public Limited Company Registration in India

Documents Preparation & Filings

We prepare incorporation documents and send them to you for confirmation and signing. Upon receiving the signed documents, we will prepare necessary application form of Incorporation and file it with Registrar of Companies. Processing time varies upon state to state, but can be fulfilled within 7 -10 working days.

Public Limited Company Incorporation

Certificate of Incorporation

The Registrar of Companies approves the Incorporation forms/documents and issue Certificate of Incorporation. We will mail/courier all the documents i.e., Certificate of Incorporation, Copy of Memorandum and Article of Association etc.

Public Limited Company Incorporation in India

Post-Incorporation Steps

After receiving certificate of incorporation, you are ready to start your business. We will apply for Pan Number of the Company. We will further, advise you about other necessary license & permits which may be applicable for your business.

Incorporate a Public Limited Company

Advantages of Registering a Public Limited Company

Limited Liability Protection

The liability of members extends only to the contribution of the nominal value of the shares held and not paid by them. It has the words ‘Limited’ as part of its name.

Never ending characteristic

A company incorporated under Companies act never dies. A company can, only be closed with the consent of shareholders or by the process given in Law.

No Criteria of minimum paid up capital

Requirement of minimum capital to Start a Public Limited Company has been dispensed with by the Ministry of corporate affairs.

Shares can be listed on Stock Exchange

Shares of Public Limited Company can be listed on stock exchange and such shares can be traded by public at large.

Separate Entity

A Public Limited Company hold the privilege of being separate from its directors and shareholders. Member and directors cannot claim the property vested in company’s name.

Name of the Company is protected

Identical, similar or nearly resembles are not allowed by registrar of companies while applying for reservation of name. Once your company is registered, any other person cannot register another company, with the similar or resembling name.

Can access money from public

A Public Limited Company can accept deposit from public by issuing Shares/debentures to the public.

Procedure for Registration of Private Limited Company

Name approval

The proposed names for the public limited company first need to be checked if they are available for registration or not. We can apply for maximum two name at a time in order of preference. The name application is made to Registrar of Companies, Central Registration Centre(CRC), once the approval is received from ROC, name is available for 20 days.

Obtain Digital Signature Certificate

DSC is required to sign forms electronically for incorporation/ registration of Private Limited Company. It ensures security and authenticity of the documents and can be obtained from any of the government approved vendor like MTNL, TCS, IBDRT, NIC, e-Mudhra, n-Code solutions

Company Incorporation (SPICE)

After the name is Approved by ROC/incorporation of public limited company is made to Registrar of Companies, Central Registration Centre(CRC), along Memorandum and Article of Associations, declaration, affidavits etc. Minimum Seven persons are required for Incorporation of public limited company.

Certificate of Incorporation

ROC then scrutinizes the incorporation form and documents, if ROC finds the documents are in order, issues Certificate of Incorporation which is the Registration certificate of public limited company. After receiving the certificate of Incorporation the public limited company is set to roll out its function.

Common Questions

No, at least seven Members/shareholders are required to Incorporate a Public Limited Company.
Yes, a body corporate or company can be a member/shareholder in a Public Limited Company.
No, to use word “Limited” in a company name, it must be registered with the Registrar of Companies.
Minimum three Directors are required to Incorporate a Public Limited Company.
No, only Individual person can become a Director in a Public Limited Company.
No, there should be at least one Indian Resident Director in an Indian Public Limited Company.
Resident in India means any person who has stayed in India for a total period of not less than 182 days in the previous financial year.
There is no minimum Capital required to Incorporate Public Limited Company.
A company shall need Capital to run a business, and therefore it can increase its capital in future according to the requirement of business.

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