Privacy Policy

Welcome to (herein after referred to as the website). The website operator allows you to use the website subject to the following conditions. places a high value on privacy, both online and in person. These pages contain information about our notice and policy and all those who visit our website are expected to read through this policy and understand its limitations and conditions. is committed to maintaining the privacy of all individuals who use the website. Your login to constitutes consent to the terms and conditions of use of the website, without limitations or exceptions. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this website, you are requested to cease using the website immediately.

This Site may contain links to other web sites and it is expected that upon entering other sites, you are subject to the privacy and security policies of those sites. This policy identifies the privacy practices of the site only.

This website does not collect any personal information or personally-identifiable information including, without limitation, your name, street address, telephone number, screen name and e-mail address unless specifically and clearly requested, and only when the user provides it voluntarily. does not use or collect digital cookies to track visitors to ensure the protection of their privacy.

All personal information that has been provided by users is secure information and is only requested for the purpose of enhancing the user’s access to information on the website. We only use personal information provided for the express purpose for which it was collected unless the user explicitly agrees to the use of their personal information for any other supplementary purposes. In order to avert unsanctioned access and ensure suitable use of your personal information, we have developed electronic and managerial procedures to secure information provided. In addition, all user personal information will not and shall not be shared with any third party.

Important to note is that gathers general trend data concerning traffic on the website for statistical analysis only. We also anonymously capture information about how users interact with our site and what pages they visit. This information is used for auditing and tracking purposes only and may also be used for the purpose of improving the content on the website. The data we collect is used both individually and collectively for website research and to create a better user experience on the website. This information is in no way linked to any individual or IP address.

The use of this website is limited to private and personal use only. Users are forbidden from copying, publicly displaying or using the content publicized on the website for any purpose whether commercial or other that is not intended for private or personal use.

All users are forbidden from operating or allowing the operation of computer applications or other means so as to fully or partially copy any information and content from the website. In addition, users shall not form databases that include any information collected from the website.