Increase in Paid-up Capital

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Increase In Paid-up Capital

Healthy paid up share capital reflects corporate brand and Image of any company. Issuing of Share is a major source of funding for the companies.

There can be various reasons for Increase in Paid-up Share Capital of the company such as, company may require working capital for the purpose of diversifying or expanding its Business activities.In some cases to avail overdraft facility from bank, the company are required to Increase its capital to maintain Debt: Equity ratio.

Shares can be issued by the company by way of:

  1. Right Issue, if shares are allotted to the existing shareholder only. (Read our Article on Right issue on Knowledge Zone)
  2. By way of Private Placement, if shares are allotted to selected group of person.
  3. By way of public offer, if shares are issued to the public at large.

Common Questions

Authorised share capital means that maximum amount of money which company can raise through share capital. It is also known as nominal capital.
No, a company can be incorporated without Authorise share capital.
A company can appoint maximum fifteen Directors. However by passing special resolution a company may appoint more than fifteen directors.
No, Paid-up Share Capital can be equal or less than the authorised share capital but cannot be more than authorised share capital.

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