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GST Registration

Who needs to get registered ?

Well, we have the new economic reform in the nation in the form of GST, but it cannot be ignored that the rule has brought with is some chaos and confuse. Here I will be highlighting about theGST registration and who needs it.

The general rule of GST states that everyone who has an annual turnover of 20 lakh or more will fall under the GST slab and have to register themselves under GST. However, in special cases, the business having turnover more than 10 lac may have to register under GST.

Apart from this, the following category people irrespective of their business turnover, need to register under GST:

  1. Business dealing in interstate taxable supply
  2. A person who received supplies for which the tax is paid by the recipient on the reverse charge basis
  3. If you are a casual taxable person and you place of business is not fixed (state or union territory ) from where he wants to make the supply.
  4. A person who is non-resident and does not have a fixed place of business in India.
  5. An agent or principal, who supplies on behalf of a taxable person or e-commerce operator which provides a platform to the supplier to make supply through that platform.
  6. A Supplier who supplies through an e-commerce operator. These e-commerce operators are liable for GST payment as per Section 9(5)TDS Deductor.
  7. People who are involved in business dealing in supply of database or online information or retrieval services from abroad to the non-registered person in India.

The 20 lac limit is for those suppliers who supply within state, suppliers who supply to other state have to register under GST.

Who is Taxable ?


Who is a casual taxable person?

A person who has a registered business in some state of India but is wants to provide supplied from another state where he has no fixed place of business. Such people are required to register under GST of the state from where they are looking forward to supply as a casual taxable person.

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Who is a non-resident taxable person?

These are foreigners and are willing to provide taxable supplied from any state in India . Such people need to register under GST.

Understating the e-commerce operator and supplier tax system under GST

  1. People who are operating via e-commerce platform should register under GST, even the e-commerce operator needs to register under GST. Although the tax liability remains on the supplier, yet a small portion of tax should be collected by the e-commerce operator from the supplier (Tax Collection at Source), this collected tax is then remitted to the government. The supplier gets the credit for this collected tax in the cash ledger which can be used by the supplier to pay the tax.
  2. In the case of purchase of goods and service with value more than 2,50,000/-, the department/agencies, local authorities or any person, the buyer needs to deduct 1% of the tax while making the payment to the supplier. The supplier will get the credit for this tax which is credited in their cash ledger, this amount can later be used by the supplier for paying their taxes.
  3. For people who purchase, the OIDAR services like music download, games, and books download from international websites based out of India, the supplier needs to pay tax , either by registering themselves or by appointing an agent here in India.
  4. Supplies to notified agencies like the UN , multinational financials institution and other organization, a unique code is the form of UIN or Unique Identification code is issued.