Change of Company Name

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Change Of Company Name

Name of a company is its identity through which company is known to the public at large. However if company wishes to change its name after incorporation, then same can be done by following the process as specified in the Companies act. There can be various reasons for change of name of the company, some of them being change in objects of the company, Current name is not depicting its main objects or is too short, too long etc.

Common Questions

Yes, a company can change its name after incorporation subject to approval of Central Government.
No, there is no limit on number of times a company can change its name provided that there must be a genuine reason for the such change.
  • Company should have filed all its annual return, financial statement or any document due for filing to Registrar of Companies.
  • Name should not be similar to the name of the companies already in existence.
  • Name should not be undesirable or prohibited one.
Yes, name change requires approval of Central Government and application for the same need to be made in the form INC 24.

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1. Hold Board Meeting

Pass Board resolution for name change subject to approval of the shareholders and appropriate authorities, authorise the directors for filing necessary form for name reservation.

2. Filing of application

Filing of application for reservation of new name.

3. Conduct an EGM/ AGM

Call general meeting and take approval of shareholders and file the specified form within the time frame.

4. Obtain CG Approval

File application to Central Government in the respective form for approval in name change

5. Fresh COI

Once approval is received from Central Government, company will be issued a fresh Certificate of incorporation.


Once we receive all the required documents, it takes 7-10 working days For changing the name of the company subject to time taken by government in processing the documents.