Annual Filing

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Annual Filing

All the companies are required to provide the details regarding their financial statements and annual return to the Registrar of Companies annually. The purpose behind the filing is to make aware shareholders of the company and other stakeholders about the idea of use of funds by the company and operating status and functioning of the company. It is rather a tool that helps in ensuring proper compliance of the provisions of the act and resultantly protects the interest of all the stakeholders at large.

Companies need to make annual filing within the stipulated time frame otherwise it need to impose penalty on the companies and its officers.

Common Questions - Annual Filing

Yes, all types of companies are required to do annual filing.
Following are the forms for annual filing:
  • _ MGT 7: form for filing annual return
  • _AOC 4: form for filing financial statement and other documents
  • _AOC 4 XBRL
XBRL stands for Extensible Business Reporting Language.
If any company fails to do annual filing for consecutively two years, the company shall fall under the category of the defaulting company. These companies are not allowed to file any form unless all the forms for the defaulting years have been filed.

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Process - Annual Filing

1. Preparation of AGM's Notice

Preparation of AGM's Notice & Board's/Director's Report

2. Preparation of documents

Preparation of documents related to appointment or re-appointment of auditor.

3. Send the documents

Send the documents for signing by Directors.

4. Filing of all Annual Filing

Preparation, pre-certification and Filing of all Annual Filing Forms i.e. AOC-4, MGT-7 and ADT-1 (If required)

Timeline - Annual Filing

Once we receive all the required documents, it takes 3-4 working days for filing of all the Annual filing form with the Registrar of Companies