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Entrepreneurship and being an entrepreneur is not an easy journey. You may have idea and concept in place, you may even be able to fetch the funds to make your business survive but it's also advisable to learn the learnings of the successful entrepreneurs.

India is a blessed nation when it comes to entrepreneurship. Year 2016 has been remarkable and full roller-coaster ride for the entrepreneurs, the year witnessed some great initiatives that promoted the startups, various policies, new reforms and much more. Amidst all this hustle-bustle we got through great words by some of the successful entrepreneurs which definitely keep you going.

So, here I bring you the learnings of some of the successful entrepreneurs which might mentor you and guide you:

  1. Thirukumaran Nagarajan, Ninjacart - Believe that you are one step short of success, give it another try and you will succeed for sure. The moment you think that you are failing, collect yourself and remind yourself that if you have reached this far you will accomplish your goal as well.

  2. Girish Mathrubootham, Freshdesk- Remember that in your business your first approach has to acquire talent and then revenue. For any business to succeed you definitely need a good concept but what's even more important is the backing of a strong and talented team which will help you last long.

  3. Beerud Sheth, Gupshup- do not ask what a bot can do, it's like you are asking what a website can do for your business. The answer to both is anything. Trust your people, using all the resources optimally will fetch you benefit. Micro-managing is not always good.

  4. Alok Duggal, - The biggest mistake a company can do is not meeting their customers' expectations and it can prove to be the biggest challenge for the e-commerce company.

  5. CK Ranganathan, CavinKare -Your attitude is everything, change it and you will be able to change the whole world around you. Remember, if you have been thinking that it's just the idea that will take you far then you are highly mistaking, your idea will take you far but your attitude will help you last long in the business world.

  6. George Varghese founder of Exterior Solutions- Treating your employees (who are your internal customer) right is the most important thing. It lays the foundation of a strong organization.

  7. Vidya Nataraj, - Entrepreneurship is a commitment to turn your business into a profitable venture. It's all about innovating and finding new ways to make it a success.

  8. Archit Gupta, ClearTax- If you want to succeed, you should be honest and vulnerable; the more you inculcate this habit in your business and yourself, more are the chances of success.

  9. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor- You don't always have to overthink and overdo. Take things as they come.

  10. Lovleen Bhatia, Edureka - As a startup accept the fact you might fail fast but fail small. Be positive and move on. Never be afraid to fail, remember no one is perfect, everyone learns the tactics of business as they sail through time. So take your failure as your first step to succeed.


These were some of the popular tweets by entrepreneurs who have emblazoned their name in history. I hope that this will enlighten you, motivate you and inspire you to pull up your socks and rock the world of entrepreneurship.

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