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How to attract Venture Capitalists for Funding

Well, this would have raised many ears and drawn the attention of many budding entrepreneurs. Presently we are witnessing a growth in the number of people who are willing to start their own venture and in order to successfully launch a business if you need something other than your concept or idea is funds to execute your plan.

With the rise of angel investors and Venture Capitalists this has become a bit easier today. Unlike earlier times whenpeople had to solely depend on bank and other financial institutions to grant loan tosupport business, today we have Venture Capitalists who are willing to sign bigger checks and pay heftier amount to make your business rise from seed to a blooming tree.

But, an important point to note here is that drawing the attention a Venture Capitalist to invest in your project is not an easy task, yet it's not that difficult too,here I have compiled a few tips that will help you grab the attention of venture capitalists.
So, here we begin:

1. Decide the vision of your business: If you think you are an entrepreneur then you should be clear about your business gals and vision. You should be clear whether the project that you are willing to start is a small business or you want to create a bigger impact from the beginning. An unclear ideamight not create a good impact in the eyes of Venture Capitalists, so be clear about your aspirations.

2. Your proposal should leave the VC spell bound - You know that it's not easy to grab the attention of big VCs ,if you have been thinking about sending regular emails, stalking them and merely following them will solve the purpose then, let me tell you that it will not help. You should know that the venture capitalists have to be as excited about your idea as you are, so make sure that you do your complete homework before presenting your idea.

3. Convincing VCs is like dating them - Did this sound absurd? You should not be surprisedby this, after all you are asking someone to invest huge sum of money in your business so make sure that you build a strong rapport with the VC.

4. You should understand the funding process- As a founder, it's obvious that you are eager to get funds for your business,but what you need to know is that funding processhas differ protocols,series of meetings, and completion of various formalities and only when the VC is completely convinced with your idea, they will make an investment in your venture.

5. Learn to move on - It might happen that you are not ableto crack a deal with a VC but that shouldn't mean end of the world.You should move on and try searching for another one; there are many other who would be willing to invest in your project.You should learn what went wrong and what the shortcomings of your concept were so that you do not repeat the same mistake again.

These five pointers are a perfect way to kick-start your hunt for the right VC and crack your deal.

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